Colibri Anti Moth


We are delighted to announce the worldwide expansion of Maroma’s Colibri anti moth products into the dry cleaning industry. The ethos of an all natural anti moth product is entirely consistent with an industry, which is increasingly looking for a more environmentally friendly way to conduct business. The success of the products in leading department stores in the UK has been replicated in the dry cleaning industry within the UK. We are proud to supply the UK’s top dry cleaners with Colibri moth repellent

The Colibri sachets are hand made in Auroville in India from a range of natural botanical essences. The wisdom behind Colibri, is that by observing insects in a natural environment it is possible to find plants which repel them – Colibri is the result of this observation. As such, it is proven to be an effective and most importantly a safe product. The entire range of Maroma products comply with the guidelines of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). The ethos of Maroma is to make ‘beautiful products of quality’ while ploughing back 45% of their profits into the local community.